Additional Resources

There is a lot of material available on the TWP/INCAP channel of the Microsoft Team run by the CoLab. If you are not part of that channel, you should request to be added. That channel includes a lot of material about how to help students work effectively in teams, how to develop project-planning processes with students, sample syllabi and assignments, and so on. In addition, I have created a template that you can import as a starting point for your own class. There are two ways to access this template, you can ask me (Cathie LeBlanc) to add you to the course ( which will allow you to see the set up and then export it to your own course or you can go to the Plymouth State Commons on Canvas ( and import the saved template into your own course. Finally, I have made all of my course materials (including syllabus, assignment descriptions, daily plans for activities, and so on) for my Fall 2021 section of TWP available here: IS1115


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