Learn about the complexities and challenges of your wicked problem and be able to explain them to other people

  • Note that this is the only course learning outcome that is about the content of the wicked problem. This should tell you that Tackling a Wicked Problem is not primarily about getting students to understand the wicked problem itself. Instead, the wicked problem provides the opportunity to design learning experiences to help students practice the HoM.
  • One of the challenging things about teaching TWP is figuring out when to provide common material for the students to engage with and when to have the students find the material they need to learn in order to accomplish the task(s) they need to accomplish.
  • Because the main goal of the course is to provide opportunities for students to practice the HoM, the mastery of content related to the wicked problem is less important than it might be in a course in the student’s major on the same wicked problem. For this reason, exams and quizzes about the wicked problem content are not particularly useful assessment activities in TWP. This doesn’t mean that the instructor can’t have exams and quizzes but, if they are used, they should not be the primary assessment activities in the course.


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